facials at a moment away spa

Skin & Facial Treatments

At A Moment Away, we strive to provide you with the best skin care options for your skin and needs. Our Skin Therapists will design the perfect treatment plan for your skin with each visit having access to an array of products to meet your needs.


This one hour facial allows our skin technician to customize your service for your skin type and condition. Allowing the use of products for sensitized , acneic and aging skin.



Great for lunch breaks or as an add-on to a massage or body treatment.



DiamondGlow®️️️ is more than a facial. Unlike traditional wet facial treatments, which rely on chemical exfoliation to treat the skin at the surface level, DiamondGlow®️️️ patented recessed diamond tip delivers a next-level resurfacing treatment that deeply rejuvenates the skin.

*Diamond Glow Facial is not available at the South Windsor location.



An Ayurvedic Facial has two basic principles – cleansing & nourishing. This service will treat your skin while relaxing your body, mind and nervous system. All skin types can enjoy this special treatment while also enjoying an Ayurvedic face massage. The combination of these products and the facial massage can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve circulation & lymph flow, calm nerves and more.


Ayurvedic-On the Go: $80


This facial uses natural ingredients, from willow bark to mango. Our skin therapist will design the perfect treatment for your skin.


Advanced Skin Care Treatments


Dead Sea Mud Treatment
The sterilized mud is rich in natural minerals that gently cleanse delicate skin tissues as they whisk away impurities from deep within pores. The results are a brighter, smoother complexion with natural moisture balance.



This treatment allows our skin therapists to choose from multiple Power Peel lines. Peels aid in more frequent cell turnover, optimizing your skin care results.

30 mins: $95

60 mins: $160

Head Spa Treatment

Indulge in a luxurious scalp and hair treatment designed to promote relaxation and improve hair health. This treatment typically includes a scalp massage, cleansing, and a nourishing hair mask, leaving your scalp feeling soothed and your hair feeling soft, hydrated, and manageable.



This service will include a double cleanse, toner, masque and moisturizer application, along with your microdermabrasion treatment. Enjoy a scalp or hand massage during your masque.

30 mins: $95

60 mins: $160


A nurturing, luxurious facial combined with a powerful tool to rehabilitate skin for enhanced elasticity, texture, tone, and clarity. Like no other facial experience, this treatment will leave your skin glowing for weeks with its breakthrough technology.



Peel cannot be performed if you have used any form of Retinol, Retin-A or any skin care product with Vitamin A within 72 hours of your scheduled treatment.

No waxing or laser hair removal within 72 hours before or after scheduled peel.

Cannot be performed if you are pregnant.
No tanning/sun exposure before or after peel for 7 days.
Avoid strenuous activity/raising core body temperature after the peel.
Any Contagious Disease
Blood Transmitted Diseases
Retin-A Usage
Isotretinoin Use (Sotret, Claravis, Accutane)
Use of any drug that causes sensitivity to sun exposure
Skin irritation or rash (need to wait at least 48 hours after waxing)
Diabetes (insulin dependent)

Please contact the spa if you have any specific questions regarding this treatment