Why Take Care of Your Feet with a Regular Pedicure?

When you hear about a pedicure, you probably focus more on the trimming and painting of the toenails. However, pedicures have many benefits beyond just a cosmetic one. It can also have therapeutic and medical benefits.


What is a pedicure?

Pedicure comes from two Latin Words ‘Pedis,’ which means ‘regarding the foot, and ‘cura,’ which means care. A pedicure is a comprehensive foot treatment that removes dead skin, softens hard skin, and treats your toenails. It is a whole process, from washing and massaging your feet to cutting, trimming and painting your toenails. Pedicures are excellent for both men and women.


What happens during a pedicure?

Depending on the technique, a professional pedicure lasts 30 to 90 minutes. Soaking your feet in warm relaxing water is the first step during this therapeutic procedure. Soaking feet in warm water softens the nails, making it easier to shape them without inflaming the surrounding skin.

Next, our nail specialist will dry your feet and remove any existing polish on your toenails. Your nail technician will also apply a cuticle softener on each nail.

Here is a breakdown of what happens for each part of the pedicure.


1. Removing cuticles: Cuticles are the dry skin around the nail plate where it meets the

toe. A cuticle remover cream is used to soften them, and then the feet are soaked in sterilized pedicure bowls.

2. Exfoliation: This step helps remove the excess dead skin on your feet. The process uses a deep exfoliation scrub that goes up to your ankles and then rinsed clean with water leaving your feet soft and fresh.

3. Massage: You will also get feet and lower legs massage, which boosts blood circulation and relieves pain and knots.

4. Nail trimming: This step is only done at a client’s request. The technician will use clippers to shorten the length of the toenails.

5. Nail shaping: The technician will use a nail file to gently shape and take down the edges of the nails, giving them an even and aesthetic look.

There are also other additional options, like buffing and nail painting for a shiny finish. 


What are the Benefits of a Professional Pedicure?

Regular visits to a spa near you provide the following pedicure benefits:

1. Better mental health: A professional pedicure doesn’t  just relax your feet; it also improves your mental health by reducing stress levels. The massage, pampering, and inviting ambiance can eliminate tension, bringing you some peace from your normal routine.

2. Prevents infections: Regular pedicures prevent cracks on your feet that may be a gateway for infections. Additionally, trimmed toenails can prevent ingrown toenails.

4. Improves foot and nail health: Exfoliation and other aspects of a pedicure significantly reduce the growth of fungi. Removing dead skin also makes your feet healthier by allowing more potential new cell growth.

5. Improves blood circulation: Professional massages with rejuvenating creams improve blood circulation by reducing tension on the feet, calves, and ankles. It also helps eliminate back pain linked to poor foot posture.


Who should you get a pedicure? Are pedicures only for women?

Both men and women enjoy regular pedicures and may reap the benefits of:


  • Better blood circulation
  • Possible reduction in back pain
  • Boost nail health
  • Reduce aging effects on your feet
  • Foot infection prevention


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