A Moment Away cryotherapy


Cryotherapy, meaning “cold-therapy” involves exposing the body to extremely low temperatures for a short duration to achieve physiological results. This cutting-edge technique has gained attention in the fitness and wellness communities for its potential benefits. It can promote muscle recovery, reduce inflammation,  improve sleep, slim and tone, and even enhance mood.

The Science of Cryotherapy 

When the area of skin is cooled quickly and sufficiently (39 °F in less than 30 seconds), the thermal shock causes blood vessels in the underlying tissue to constrict as a way of protecting the body’s core temperature. As soon as the cold source is removed, the body warms the area quickly by expanding the blood vessels to around 4 times their original diameter  to allow a rush of freshly oxygenated blood to saturate the tissue. Additionally, hormones, neurotransmitters, and nutrients flood into the area. At the same time, by-products and waste produced from natural body processes are removed from the area to be processed and disposed of by the lymph system.

Please note that the South Windsor location does not offer cryotherapy services.

Cryotherapy Services
Cryotherapy for Localized Pain Management

Using cryotherapy for pain relief is effective because of its ability to significantly reduce inflammation. Localized cold treatment applied to the injured area stimulates oxygenated blood flow, reducing tension, and the analgesic effect caused by cryostimulation allows treated muscles to relax. It can help with anything from plantar fasciitis, sprains and strains, to sciatic pain.  


Cryotherapy for Body Sculpting and Slimming

Cryo-sculpting is the process by which you shape the body through targeted adipose tissue freezing, also known as “fat freezing.” Adipose tissue is highly sensitive to the cold while muscle tissue and skin tissue is not, so when you freeze the adipose tissue it crystallizes and flattens resulting in what most clients experience as an instant inch loss! The immune system begins to take over and the crystalized fat cells, which are deposited and removed by the lymphatic system create the slimming result that can continue for up to 6 months if diet and health are managed properly. Clients can also experience the smoothing of cellulite, skin tightening, and a more lifted appearance in areas like the glutes and inner thighs. 

Initial session - 45 mins

Follow up sessions - 30 min


Cryotherapy for Skin Issues

Cryo can help aid in relief of certain skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Scientific studies indicate that using cryostimulation to induce a thermal shock will normalize healing of the skin plaques, dull the receptors responsible for itching and by reducing inflammation it lessens the immune response to the area being treated. Scars and stretch marks are also minimized with this treatment.


Cryotherapy and Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage can be used in conjunction with cryo-slimming to achieve greater results  Cryotherapy as a spot treatment prior to a massage session can help reduce inflammation. It is important to discuss your symptoms and pain with your specialist prior to your session.