Benefits of Massage Treatments

The fast-paced environment we live in has become a significant source of stress. In America alone, 55% of Americans suffer from self-induced, work-related, and family stressors, and more people are experiencing depression and anxiety than ever before. Stress hinders not only our professional lives but also family and other interactions and often takes its toll on our physical health as well.
One way to reduce stress is with a massage treatment to relax and harmonize your mind and your body.

What Makes for a Good Massage?

A treatment such as Swedish massage combines manipulating the muscles and joints with actions like percussion, kneading, tapping and rolling, making it one of the best massages to relieve stress. A good massage will work out the knots in your muscles without causing a lot of pain. To ensure that you get the best treatment that will benefit you, talk with your massage therapist before you begin to go through any injuries or surgeries you may have had, and how much pressure you would like them to apply. The more details the better!
And please, during the massage, be sure to voice any concerns to ensure that you are getting the most from the massage. A good therapist appreciates your feedback!

Massage Treatment: What it Consists of

In massage treatment, the focus is on relaxing your mind as well as your muscles.
To enable this, your therapist will ensure that they understand your preferences as stated above, and that the room’s atmosphere is soothing, so you are able to relax not only while getting the massage but before you even get started.
During the massage, your therapist will be sure to work on the muscles that are tense and have knots in them. They may ask you to reposition parts of your body if they feel you are tensing too much, if you feel pain or discomfort, or they can’t get access to the muscle appropriately.
After the massage, the therapist will allow you to relax for a while after they are done, and slowly have you got back up from the table.
A body massage is one of the most common treatments, as it helps loosen muscles, but it should also allow you to feel less stressed than before you came in. Besides just Swedish and therapeutic deep tissue massages, we offer a variety of different treatments such as crystal therapy and lymphatic drainage massage, all which can aid in your wellness journey.

What Benefits are There to Massage Treatments?

A massage session allows your body to rejuvenate, your skin to glow, and your blood circulation to properly flow, aiding in the relief of pent-up stress. Massage treatments can also relieve symptoms of some common diseases such as:
• Anxiety and Depression
• Nerve pain
• Headache and Migraines
• Sports injuries
…And many other conditions

Why A Moment Away Spa for Your Next Massage Treatment?

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