Health Savings Account & Massage Therapy

Do You Have a Health Savings Account?
You may be able to use your HSA to pay for your massage appointments.

What is an HSA account? – It is a tax advantage savings account that belongs to you, it is like a personal bank account, so even if you change jobs, the money will stay with you. An HSA can lower your taxable income as well as reduce your adjusted gross income. The money in the account may be transferrable from year to year and may even be used towards some qualified Medicare expenses. HSA accounts allow you to save pre tax money and when withdrawn for qualified medical purchases, you can deduct the money tax free.

HSA Limits – Starting in 2017, a person with a single plan can put up to $3,400 in the account, whereas someone with a family plan can put in as much as $6,750.

What can an HSA be used for? – You can use your HSA towards insurance deductibles as well as qualified medical expenses. With a written note from your Doctor saying something is medically necessary, your HSA can be used towards many other expenses. Massages, gym memberships, mattresses, acupuncture, and weight loss programs are some of the things that may be covered under an HSA account.

If you have an HSA account look into your coverage and see if you can start using it with us!
We will gladly provide you with any receipts necessary to help with reimbursement too!.


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