Communication is Key

When you come in for any of our services we want you to get the best experience possible.
Here are some tips to help make your experience perfect.

*Make sure you are arriving before your appointment time. This allows you to use the restroom, get a drink and relax before your therapist comes to get you. This will also guarantee you get the full length of your service.

*Let your therapist know what your concerns or goals are when you get here.

*Update your therapist if there have been any medical changes since your last visit. This includes any medications you are taking. A medication can greatly affect the results of a treatment if the therapist/technician is not aware of them. Even a massage needs to be adjusted depending on specific medications. We want to make sure you are safe throughout your service, and not being aware of medications can be harmful to you.

*For Massages- your therapist should check in when they get started about pressure and comfort, don’t hesitate to tell them at ANY point in the massage if you need more, less, or if something is bothering you, they will gladly make adjustments. Don’t feel like you are offending them by asking them to change the pressure, they would rather you speak up at that moment.

*For Skin Care/Waxing/Nails – be sure to let your technician know if there is any discomfort throughout your session, they don’t want to intentionally hurt you. If they are unaware of any discomfort, they won’t know to make changes.

*Not every therapist/technician is right for every client. If you feel like the therapist you had was not right for you, let the front desk know and they can help make recommendations for future appointments. You can even ask the therapist if you think someone would have a better approach for your specific needs/concerns.

*If you feel like the therapist is not what you need and the proper adjustments can’t be made to suit you, you are able to ask to end the session and reschedule for a different time.

Our number one priority is making you happy! We want to to make sure you are comfortable and have the proper client/therapist match for your needs/concerns. The more you communicate with our staff, the better chance you have of receiving the best experience possible.

Thank you & We hope to see you soon!